Exploring the Nikon Camera Series

Nikon cameras have been setting the standard in high-quality photography since their initial release back in 1948. The optics used in Nikon cameras are of such high caliber that they are also used to manufacture binoculars and laboratory grade microscopes. By using the most modern technology for imaging, Nikon provides top-of-the-line products that truly capture the essence of each and every subject. The company has kept up with the current market demand by discontinuing the production of film cameras to focus solely on their innovative digital cameras. The versatility of the line is apparent in its popularity among both professional and amateur photographers. Nikon makes just about every type of camera with the exception of video cameras. Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the various Nikon camera series.
The D-Series Nikon cameras are digital SLR cameras with great customer reviews. Users find these cameras easy to use and repeatedly report satisfaction with the performance. The single-lens reflex design gives you a digital image in the viewfinder of exactly what you can expect to see in the stored picture, leading to a high picture quality. These models include the D80, D40x, D300, and D3 cameras, which each house the SLR technology in attractively styled casings. The automatic features make it easy for anyone to take great-looking photographs, making the field of photography more accessible to the average person.
P- Series
The P-Series cameras are loaded up with the newest features on the market. These cameras are not recommended for the beginner – users should be tech-savvy. The Coolpix P6000 is the most advanced of the Nikon cameras. It has a Vista-based interface, complete with an Ethernet port, GPS, and wireless flash. This is a great camera for photography buffs looking for advanced functions and complete user control over focusing, exposure time, lighting, and other aspects of each shot. The controls allow the user to take pictures that require very little touching up or digital remastering.
The Life (L) Series Nikon cameras are designed with family use in mind. The cameras themselves are compact and intuitive to use, making it easy to document your family activities and adventures. The L-Series models, like the L10, L11, and L12 have the longest recorded battery life of any of the Nikon cameras, so they are great to take with you on vacation with extra storage available with a mini SD card. The cameras are rugged, so you can let your children use them, plus they have greater sensitivity, which translates into more flexibility for taking good pictures in low light. If you are a first-time Nikon camera customer, the L-series is the most affordable and easiest to learn on. Once you have mastered the L-Series controls, the more advanced Nikon camera controls and menus will be easier to navigate.
The Style (S) Series features the S610, S710, and S560 Nikon cameras. The slim casings are especially popular among teenagers and women who like a camera that can be carried in a purse. These are the cameras to take to parties and get-togethers to snap a few candids for your Facebook page. You get the benefits of the small size without sacrificing quality or performance, but there are fewer features than you’d find on the P-Series cameras. Taking pictures with the self-focusing feature is great for your day-to-day events and activities.

You can purchase any of these Nikon cameras online and be confident that the product you receive will be reliable and perform at or above your expectations. The Nikon brand a great reputation because the company focuses on quality and customer satisfaction above all else. With a Nikon camera, you can explore an interest in photography or take your skill to a whole new level.