A Pure Camera Company

Nikon has maintained a competitive edge over other companies that manufacture cameras by focusing on a single technology field. Professional and armature photographers alike consider Nikon the go to brand for the best quality cameras and photography equipment. By maintained an unwavering commitment to the study of light, Nikon has propelled itself to the top of a highly competitive field. They don’t make film, printers, or other electronic products which many of their competitors do. This has allowed them to excel in a single area and dominate the long term market share for high end cameras.

The Tokyo based giant employees 24 thousand around the globe. The company will celebrate its 100th year in business in 2017. It conducts business through a broad spectrum of companies and business units that specialization in cameras, optics, precision equipment, and imaging instruments.Nikon’s efforts to provide the kind of products and technologies that exceed customer expectations are well known.

Nikon has long dominated the single lens reflex (SLR) market and since the advent of the digital camera has battled it out with Canon in the digital single lens reflex (DSLR) market. Canon has recently taken the lead in terms of sales mostly due to the ease of use of their camera lines. True shutterbugs who prefer manual exposures still prefer Nikon and their many high quality interchangeable lenses. Nikon has introduced it COOLPIX camera line for those who like to just point and shoot. These are the most automated cameras the company has to offer. They are neck and neck with Canon and Sony in this market and together they are all making digital photography more accessible to consumers and enabling anyone to take great looking pictures.

Nikon doesn’t have the distractions that its main rivals do. Canon, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Fiju, and Casio all have different technologies and products outside of the imaging field that must compete for Research & Development (R&D) budget. It takes great executive leadership to be able to stay near the top of each industry while juggling so many different product lines. Witness what happened at Kodak over the past 3 decades. Each of their CEO’s struggled to keep the company profitable as they took on new initiatives in printers & digital cameras while overseeing the demise of traditional silver halide film.

Chief Executives that can successfully take on such a challenge don’t come available often. Nikon has solid executive leadership both in Japan and at Nikon USA and has communicated that its doesn’t expect to stray far from being world leader in photography products. Don’t expect to see a Nikon printer anytime soon.