Photography Tips

Think about the first smile of your new born, the day you got a degree, your big days like your birthday or your wedding day, happy moments with parents and siblings, fun days with friends, winning days with colleagues or a beauty that fills your heart, these are some unforgettable moments which everyone even you want to capture to remember them with the same zeal and enthusiasm as they take place.

For experiencing the same excitement again and again, you need to have a high quality camera and to learn good photography tips. There are a lot more companies running to win the highest market position. Each is trying to best satisfy its customer and attain a high market share that is the reason more innovative and user friendly options are there in cameras. But do remember it’s not the camera that makes attractive pictures; it’s the photographer. The better you know the photography tips, the better image you can take. Some of the important tips you should learn are while using you digital camera are:

Warm Up the Tones

The auto setting in digital cameras is fine for most snapshots, but when shooting outdoor portraits and sun-drenched landscapes, try changing your white balance setting from auto to cloudy, it adds to the reds and yellows resulting in richer, warmer pictures.

Fix the Focal Point

Cropping allows you to remove unnecessary or unwanted elements from your photo, bringing the focus back to the main subject. Use cropping to “zoom” in on your photo, after you’ve taken it.

Outdoor Portraits That Shine

Use the fill flash or flash on mode for a professional looking picture where everything in the composition looks first-class. In flash on mode, the camera exposes for the background first, and then adds just enough flash to illuminate your portrait subject.