Slack is the Best Startup of the year at the Crunchies

_dsc8832 Slack‘s team communications platform — put in other words, a really fancy and well done chat room — is an integral part of many (most?) teams in tech. Even if you don’t use it, chances are good that the people who make your favorite apps and services do. Of course, this is hardly Slack’s first time taking home a Crunchie. They were named Fastest Rising Startup… Read More

Otto wins Hot New Startup at the Crunchies

_dsc8813 Otto, winner of the hot new startup award at the 10th Annual Crunchies Awards, had a whirlwind year. The company came out of stealth in May 2016, revealing its plan to develop self-driving technology for semi-trucks. In August Uber purchased the company and all-star team to help expand its autonomous efforts. Then in October an Otto-powered truck made its first delivery, hauling 50,000… Read More

TechCrunch Include Crunchie Award goes to Project Include

include Project Include set out in 2016 to change the way the tech industry approaches diversity. Rather than identify underrepresented groups that are often the target of unfair hiring practices or the victims of discrimination on the job, the organization is attempting to teach CEOs and their teams how to foster environments of inclusion. The 10th Annual Crunchies Award winner of the TechCrunch… Read More